Cellular Router FAQ

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Q1. What should I do if I cannot access the web management page?

  1. If the computer is set to a static IP address, change its settings to obtain an IP address automatically.
  2. Make sure is correctly entered in the web browser.
  3. Use another web browser and try again.
  4. Reboot your router and try again.
  5. Disable and enable the active network adapter in use and try again.

Q2. How do I restore the router to its factory default settings?

  1. With the router powered on, press and hold the RST button for 6 seconds before releasing. Wait until the router reboots.
  2. Log  in to the  web management page of the  router,  and go to Advanced > Backup/Flash Firmware, click “Reset device” and wait until the reset process is complete.
  3. What can I do if I forget my wireless network password?

The default wireless password is printed on the product label of the router.If the default wireless password has been changed, log in to the router's web management page and retrieve or reset your password.

Q3. What should I do if my internet speed is slow?

  1. Make sure you are inside a network coverage area.
  2. Relocate your router and your computer to have a better signal reception. You may be in or near a structure that is blocking the signal. Obstacles (for example, walls, ceilings, and furniture) between the router and other wireless devices decreases the signal strength.
  3. The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network may be interfered. It is recommended to use the 5GHz Wi-Fi network if your devices support it.

Q4. What can I do if I cannot access the Internet?

  1. Verify that your SIM card is an NR or LTE card.
  2. Verify that your SIM card is in your ISP’s service area.
  3. Verify that your SIM card has sufficient credit.
  4. Check the LAN connection:

Enter in the address bar of a web browser. If the login page does not appear, refer to FAQ > Q1 and then try again.

  1. Check your APN parameters: 
  2. Open a web browser and log in to the web management page.
  3. Verify the APN parameters provided by your ISP are correctly entered. If the parameters are incorrect, create a new profile with the correct parameters. 
  4. Check the PIN settings:
  5. Open a web browser and log in to the web management page.

Verify if PIN is required. If it is, enter the correct PIN provided by your ISP.

  1. Check the Data Limit: 
  2. Open a web browser and log in to the web management page.
  3. Verify if the total used data exceeds the total allowance. If it does, correct the total allowance and set the total used data to 0, or disable the data limit.
  4. Check the Data Roaming: 
  5. Confirm with your ISP if you are in a roaming service area. If you are, open a web browser and log in to the web management page.
  6. Enable the data roaming to access the Internet.

Q5.How to choose the correct Network Mode?

  1. PPPoE:When a username and passwords are provided by the ISP, you can choose this mode.
  2. DHCP Client:Obtain IP address from other devices or ISP automatically. DHCP Client is the router’s default mode.
  3. Static IP:When the ISP provides a static IP parameter, you can choose this mode.

Q6.How to Set up Cellular Only or Cellular Backup?

If you already have a device or your Internet comes via an Ethernet cable from the wall or other device, you can set up the router as “Cellular Backup” mode. The router will choose the Ethernet cable as the priority method and cellular as the backup method to Internet. If the Ethernet cable cannot connect to the Internet, the router will use cellular to Internet automatically. After Ethernet cable return to normal, the router will use Ethernet cable to Internet again.

1.Launch a web browser from the connected computer or device. 2.In the address field of the web browser, enter

3.In the Password field, enter the default password admin and click the Log in button. 4Go to Advanced Settings -> Internet - > Cellular Type - > Cellular Backup.

5.Select the correct Network Mode. 6.Click “Save” button.

Q7.How to add and activate a custom APN Profile?

If your ISP settings are not detected by the router, you can create an internet connection profile. Click "Cellular Setting" and follow the instructions to configure your APN.

  1. Launch a web browser from the connected computer or device.
  2. In the address field of the web browser, enter
  3. In the Password field, enter the default password admin and click the Login button. 4.Go to Advanced Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Setting, and turn on Custom APN. 
  4. Input APN profile name, username and password.
  5. Click “Save” button.

If you still cannot get an Internet connection, contact your mobile broadband service provider to verify the information for the APN